Renewable Energy Powered Miner Hosting starting from AUD $0.12 per kWh

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Miner Hosting Solutions

Leveraging our datacentre design and management expertise, Mining Hosting Australia have developed a unique Modular Datacentre hosting solution using renewable energy to power bitcoin and cryptocurrency miners.

Modular Data Centre

Why choose us?

With the lowest hosting rates in Australia powered by renewable energy, we ensure sustainability and value for your cryptocurrency operations.

Lowest hosting rates in Australia

Our innovative Modular Datacentres are located at the energy production source enabling access to globally competitive, low cost, renewable electricity supply with our hosting rates starting from AUD $0.12 per kWh.

Unique modular datacentre approach

Specifically customised for bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining. The designs include custom intelligent power distribution and control, high performance fan-based cooling, redundant communications and security.

Powered by Renewable Energy

Our modular datacentre approach is ideal for deployment at power generation sites (i.e. solar or wind farms), by locating where the power is generated, Miner Hosting Australia can access low cost green energy removing many of the costs associated with grid delivered power.

24/7 Monitoring & remote access

Ensuring your mining operations are online and operational we provide 24/7 monitoring and remote access & control

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about our services.

Can I visit the Data Centre?

Our head quarters are located in Perth, Western Australia. Our crypto mining facilities are located in regional locations across Australia and are generally not suitable for site visits. However, for larger and corporate customers personal tours and visits may be arranged.

Where are your Data Centres?

Multiple power generations sites around Australia.

What is the minimum number of miners needed?

We cater for both Wholesale and retail customers. From 3 miners and upwards.

How do I sign up?

Start by contacting us

What is your total hosting capacity in Mega Watts?

Our total hosting capacity is over 5 MW.

Do I pay shipping of my equipment to the location?


What services do you provide?

We provide crypto miner hosting solutions, and remote support options if you require repairs to your miners.

Do I have to pay anything before my miners are turned on?

Yes, a minimum of one month estimated power costs.

How do I communicate with my miner?

We have a web based interface for full control through our web portal and or VPN access.

What payment options do you accept?

We currently accept credit card and EFT (bank transfer) as forms of payment.

How do weather and temperature affect the operation of your facilities located at regional sites?

Our facilities, equipped with multiple G4 and F6 filters, use free-air cooling and high velocity fans. Operations might be paused during high ambient temperatures approaching 40°C, especially since most ASIC mining equipment has an operational range up to 40°C to prevent overheating and ensure equipment safety

What happens during peak load days or limited renewable energy supply?

On peak load days or when renewable energy is scarce, we may shut down operations temporarily in line with energy conservation efforts and grid stability.

How do you handle extreme weather events?

In case of extreme weather forecasts, we proactively shut down systems to protect the equipment, prioritising the safety and integrity of the hosted miners.

Are your data centers staffed, and how often do staff visit the sites?

Our data centers are remote, operating without constant on-site staff. Routine visits by our team occur at least every two weeks for inspections, installations, and equipment removal, and are remotely managed and operated ensuring high operational standards and security.

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